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First, try reinstalling OMC:

1.     Navigate to the Control Panel.
•  On Windows Vista and Windows 7: Start > Control Panel
•  On Windows XP: Start > Settings > Control Panel

2.    Windows 7 or Vista: click Programs and Features
       Windows XP: double-click Add or Remove Programs.

3.    Uninstall ‘OverDrive Media Console’.

4.    Download the OMC installer from:

5.    Install OverDrive Media Console for Windows.

6.    Run the security upgrade in OMC under Tools > Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.

If the above steps resolve your issue, there’s no need to go any further.  However, if you’re still having trouble, we have you covered.  Just continue on to the next section. 

Register the OMCDetect.DLL in Windows 7 or Vista:

The following process involves disabling your UAC (User Account Control).  This is recommended because sometimes UAC settings can interfere with how certain DLL files work.  Without the ‘OMCDetect.DLL’ file working properly, OMC cannot function.

If you feel uncomfortable disabling UAC on your computer, you can try the process without Steps 1 through 4, but this is not recommended.

1.    Click Start.  Type ‘msconfig’ and press Enter on your keyboard.

2.    Click on the Tools tab to change the UAC settings.
•   Windows 7: Click Change UAC Settings, then Launch.
•   Vista: Click Disable UAC, then Launch.

3.    Windows 7: Click and drag the slider down to Never notify.  Click OK

4.    Click OK to save your UAC setting.

5.    Figure out whether you have a ‘32-bit’ or ‘64-bit’ operating system.
•   Click Start, then right-click on Computer.
•   Click Properties
•    Under ‘System’, your operating system type is listed under ‘System type’.

6.    Click Start, then type ‘cmd’.

7.    Right-click on the Cmd.exe icon.  Click Run as administrator. A command prompt window opens.

8.    Type the command for your system into the command prompt window. You must type the command exactly.  Commands are not case sensitive.
•   For 64-bit systems, type:  cd C:\Program Files (x86)\OverDrive Media Console.  Then press Enter.
•   For 32-bit system, type:  cd C:\Program Files\OverDrive Media Console.  Then press Enter.

9.    For both systems, type:  regsvr32.exe omcdetect.dll.  Then press Enter.

10.    Click OK in the RegSvr32 dialog window.

11.    Type exit in the command prompt window.  Then press Enter.

12.    Run the security upgrade in OMC under Tools > Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.

If you continue to experience this issue, please contact support.

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