I am trying to check out a title with Overdrive on my device and I get a time out error. What can I do to resolve this?

This issue could be related to either the browser history or connectivity with the Internet connection.

First, make sure that you have a stable connection to the Web before attempting to check out the title. Timeout problems can occur if you lose connection while working with Overdrive.

Next, clear the cache -- saved webpages and authentication information -- on the browser that you are using to access the Overdrive website. The browser will function more efficiently by loading the latest versions of web pages and web software. Deleting cookies and browsing history is also recommended to  ensure the browser runs at optimal speed and for security.

To do this on the Kindle:

2nd generation or newer   1. Tap Silk Browser to open the web browser.   2. Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy.   3. Tap Clear browsing data.   4. Make sure Browsing history, Cache, and Cookies, Site data are selected. Then, tap Clear.

1st generation   1. Tap Web to open the web browser.   2. Go to Menu > Settings.   3. Select Clear cache and Clear history as appropriate. Tap OK each time to confirm.


  • Last Updated Aug 01, 2017
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