iTunes is supposed to be able to convert WMA files to MP3 on my Windows computer, but an iTunes message says it can't because WMA is protected. What does that mean?


The eAudiobook publisher decides whether or not to allow the WMA title to be transferred to Apple devices; this decision is at the publisher's discretion. Many publishers enable this functionality while others choose not to permit this use of their content.

How can I tell if an OverDrive WMA Audiobook title can be transferred to an Apple device?

There are two places you can check to see if a title can be transferred to an Apple device. You can check in the OverDrive catalog or, if you have already downloaded the title, you can use OverDrive desktop app.

In the OverDrive catalog, search for the desired title, and click it to bring up the page displaying details about the title. At this page, look for the heading 'Digital Rights Information'. The information listed here will clearly indicate whether or not the publisher has enabled transfer to Apple device functionality.

In OverDrive app, check whether a title that you have already downloaded can be transferred to an Apple device as follows:

  1. In OverDrive, highlight the title and click the 'Properties' button.
    The 'Properties' dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click the 'License' tab.
    'License details' for the title are displayed. The 'Transfer to Apple® device' field indicates whether the title can be transferred to an Apple device.
  3. Click the 'Cancel' button to close the 'Properties' dialog box.
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