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*NOTE: Adobe Digital Editions does NOT support the Nook HD or HD+, Samsung Nook, or new Nook Tablet. Only previous Nook devices and the current Nook GlowLight (not Plus) are supported.

The Nook usually comes preloaded with an Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) folder and because of this your ADE program won't recognize your device.

To fix this, please begin by deleting the problem OverDrive title from both Adobe Digital Editions and your Nook, then download the title again from your library account. After this, de-authorize and re-authorize the Nook as follows:

1. To confirm Adobe Digital Editions is authorized properly, take the following steps.

  • In Adobe Digital Editions, from the title list view, go to the Library menu and select Authorize computer.
  • If ADE is authorized, move on to #2.
  • If ADE is not authorized, proceed through the steps to Authorize it with an Adobe ID. 

2. Reset the ADE folder on the Nook:

  • Close Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Connect the Nook to your computer.
  • Under My Computer or Computer, open the drive associated with your device (likely named nook (X:) where X is the drive letter).
  • Locate the folder .adobe-digital-editions and delete it.

 3. Open Adobe Digital Editions. You should see the Device Setup Assistance dialog. Click the Authorize Device button.

Once you have completed the steps above, please transfer the title again by dragging and dropping it on the device icon in the library view of Adobe Digital Editions. The transferred Adobe eBook title will be located in the 'My Documents' section on the Nook. If you are using a NOOKColor, transferred titles will be located in the 'My Files > Digital Editions' section.

Comments (12)

  1. Since I spent almost 4 hours trying to figure how to get my Nook to connect to my computer (and I am even computer savvy), I would like to share my solution, which involved the instructions above.

    First - I have a Nook Simple Touch (No SD card) and Windows 2007,
    My problem? Would not show up in ADE, or in 'my computer'. Of course, I realize that I have a drive G and H already, so I initially tried changing the drive letter (multiple, multiple times), but obviously not to the right ones!
    -My other problem was that when I clicked on a drive, it gave an error message of 'please insert disc..."
    And YES, my Nook was awake!!

    Here's how I ended up solving the problem. not sure if exactly in this order, but close enough!
    1) went to disc management and changed drive letters to Y and Z.
    2) went to READ section, powered off and restarted Nook, notice it actually made a connection and called it a Nook for the first time!

    3) Excitedly completed step 2 above. (at this point Nook wasn't staying longer than 1 second in the ADE program)..deleted .ade in folder (because I could finally SEE it to delete it!)

    3) Powered down and restarted nook again, making sure I was in READ view (not library or home...)

    4) then it showed up and I was able to transfer my library files!

    PS. My wi-fi was connected (read about that being a potential problem in forums)

    Hope that saves the next person the agony I went through!!
    by Anonymous J on Jan 03, 2013.
  2. I went through much of what is described above. No problem getting ADE to recognize my Nook Color on my laptop. But cannot get it to work for the new Nook HD on my desktop PC. Called BN Tech Support and they walked me through much of the same steps and couldn't get it to work either. They finally said I should just use Overdrive on the Nook HD, and forget about trying to have the benefit of using ADE on the PC. I'm going to one of the local BN Nook HD classes today to see what they think. Anyone out there successful in having the Nook HD recognized by ADE on your PC? Please share, if so.
    by LBRusty on Jan 05, 2013.
  3. Adobe Digital Editions is not compatible with the Nook HD. To read OverDrive eBooks, as you discovered, you will need to install the OverDrive Media Console app from the Nook app store. You will then be able to download and read your eBook directly on your Nook HD. It works similar to how it would on a regular Android tablet. Here is a link to instructions for using the OverDrive Media Console app on an Android device:
    by Tamara Grybko on Jan 05, 2013.
  4. I was having this problem and I downloaded bluefire reader from the google play store. Works like a charm! Previous users have reported some minor bugs, but better than nothing at all.
    by matiah on Sep 13, 2013.
  5. This is the most ridiculous problem, and the fact that those at BN tech support are not knowledgeable about it either is crazy. I had to demand to speak to a higher up person at tech support, as I am a reviewer for a couple of magazines and could not get my ARCs to load to my Nook HD +. The solution was to download the book and put it on ADE as usual. Plug in my Nook via USB. Go to My Computer/ Documents/ Adobe Digital Editions. Find the book you want, Copy it. Go back to My Computer, and find your Nook. My Nook shows as "BNTV60", which is odd, but my daughter's shows up as "My Nook". Regardless, it's the last on the list for me. Click on your device, then click Books and paste the file in that folder. It should show up in your library within seconds. Hope that helps! It works for me every time. And you don't have to go messing around and renaming and deleting and hunting for things.
    by Nicole on Dec 29, 2013.
  6. Nicole's instructions worked for me, immediately.
    by Donna on Mar 26, 2014.
  7. Thanks so much, Nicole! Perfect work-around.
    by Bill on Apr 22, 2014.
  8. Thank you Nicole. On my Nook HD I had to go deeper into the file directory to put the book there. Mine had to go to "my file" and then "books" directory. But worked great. of course I forgot that I shut the wifi off so it wouldn't let me use ACR, but once I turned that on the book opened like a charm. THANK YOU AGAIN.
    by Colin on May 31, 2014.
  9. For those with Nook HD and Nook HD+, you do NOT need to use ADE to add/open DRM-protected epubs to your Nook HD/HD+. The ADE authorization is already built into the Nook HD/HD+ - all you have to do is add your user account to your Nook HD/HD+.

    To sideload/read DRM-protected content on Nook HD/HD+ with Reader and/or OverDrive:

    1. On your Nook HD/HD+ go to settings (the gear in the upper right corner of home screen) and choose "All Settings", then choose "Account Settings" and press on "Adobe Digital Editions" and "Add User". Enter your ADE account (Adobe ID & pwd).

    2. Copy the DRM-protected epub from your computer to your Nook's "My Files | Books" folder and refresh the Nook's library. If it doesn't appear, under "Library" go to "My Files", choose either "Device" or "SD Card" (depending on where you copied the book), and navigate to "My Files > Books" and open the new epub with Reader. After closing the new book, it should now appear in your library under "Books"

    3. If you use OverDrive for books/library books, after authorizing your Nook HD/HD+ with your Adobe ID via settings/accounts, open the OverDrive app, go to "Settings" and choose "Deauthorize", and then choose "Authorize" and "Use My Adobe ID". After successful authorization, it should say "This app is authorized with the Adobe ID .........@....... and DRM-protected OverDrive content should be viewable on Nook HD/HD+.

    Hopefully that helps someone. We spent hours fruitlessly searching for how to use ADE with Nook HD/HD+ to read library books and transfer our non-BN DRM-protected epubs to them until we finally realized that the authorization was built right into the Nook HD/HD+ and there's no need for ADE to sideload content anymore... :)
    by zondu on Oct 13, 2014.
  10. But this is a solution that is not a solution for persons who have a Glowlight and a Nook HD. Once the library allows me to download the ebook to ADE for transfer to the Glowlight, then it prevents me from downloading the ebook to Overdrive... somehow the DRM is different. It will allow me to have one but not the other. Stinky!!
    by Kevin M. Shaw on Mar 10, 2015.
  11. Thank you Nicole!! Finally got it to work!! :)
    by Dayna on Jan 05, 2018.
  12. just saw this thread and figured it out via a youtube 20 min later for the nook glowlight+.
    so once the book is in the adobe program right click on it and open it in explorer. then take that file and slide it into your nook's my files like you would any other owned ebook. whew. I can go to bed and read my library book that only has a day left......
    by Jr on Feb 06, 2018.

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